How It Works

1.  Create your FREE employer account

There are no charges or fees for using our service to post a job and hire a pro. To get started you only need a valid email address. We do not take or store sensitive personal or credit card information.


2. Tell us what you need

Post your project details.

Example: You need a wedding photographer.

  • Give your project a title: Janes Wedding
  • Set a budget: $500
  • Pick your Category: Photographer (Multiple category selection allowed)
  • Attach a photo if needed and write a description of your needs
  • Add in the location of the job
  • Submit
  • Wait for bids to start rolling in or find pros to invite


2. Review quotes from local pros

Within hours, you’ll start to receive custom quotes based on your needs or project.


3. Review Bids

Compare quotes, profiles, reviews, and ask your expert questions then hire the person that’s right for your project.


 4. Hire a pro

Once you have decided on a pro you can select award the job to your selected applicant.


5. Paying your pro

How you pay your pro is up to you. Koodoz does not handle payment issues or payment resolution. We suggest using a reputable third party app like Paypal or Venmo.


6. Close the project

Once the project is complete you may close it out and review your pro.



NOTE: Every time a project is awarded to a pro on Koodoz we donate a portion of our proceeds to a Veterans Charity. If the pro selected was a Veteran we double that donation.


1. Create your FREE job seeker profile

First, create your profile and upload images of your work or upload a resume. You can also copy and paste your resume into the “about you” text area. If you need help please email or message us and we can help you complete your profile.

2. Search for jobs or wait for job alerts

New job alerts will be sent out as they are posted. To receive email alerts it is important that you check the “Receive emails about projects that match your work categories” box in your profile section.

3. Bid on a job

Unlike other job sites bidding on a job requires only 1 bid credit regardless of the project or the budget of the project. Bid credits can be purchased before or during the bidding process. To purchase a bid please use an authorized PayPal account.

4. Get hired

The job poster can ask you questions. If the job poster likes what they hear they can award you the job.

5. Payment

Koodoz does not handle billing, payment, payment issues, or payment resolution. We suggest using a reputable third party app like Paypal, Venmo, or Quickbooks to bill and receive payment.

5. Completed project

Once the employer marks the project as complete you will have an opportunity to review the employer. The employer will also have the opportunity to review your work.