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    For every job awarded through Koodoz we donate a portion of the proceeds to Veteran Charities. 

    For every job awarded to a Veteran we double that donation. 

    Find Local Pros

    How It Works

    1. Tell us what you need

    First, post your project details. (Posting is always FREE)

    2. Review quotes from local pros

    Within hours, you’ll start to receive custom quotes based on your needs or project.

    3. Hire a pro

    Compare quotes, profiles, reviews, and ask your expert questions then hire the person that’s right for your project.


    How It Works

    1. Create your FREE profile

    First, create your profile and  upload images of your work. If you need help message us and we can help you out.

    2. Search for jobs or wait for job alerts

    New job alerts will be sent out as they are posted.

    3. Bid on a job

    Unlike other job sites bidding on a job requires only 1 bid credit.

    4. Get hired

    The job poster can ask you questions. If the job poster likes what they hear they hire you.

    Some of our popular job categories

    Repair | Maintenance |  Full Replacement
    Interior & Exterior
    One time | Recurring | Maintenance
    Carpentry | Appliance Repair | Pumbing
    Wedding | Family | Graduation
    Business | Blogging | Personal
    Digital Marketing | Social Media | SEO | Sales
    Business Cards | Logos | Post Cards
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